Support Local

We support Local Businesses

The Illuminators of Southwest Florida (SWFL) passionately support local businesses, advocating for their growth and success. They encourage everyone to explore the businesses listed below. By spotlighting these enterprises, the Illuminators aim to boost the economy and foster community connections.



In Southwest Florida and North Port, the Illuminators champion the diverse array of small businesses that define our region’s charm. Through their advocacy for “Support Local,” they promote economic resilience and neighborhood vitality. Transitioning seamlessly between advocacy and action, they empower residents and visitors alike to discover the hidden gems scattered throughout our communities.



From personalized service providers to family-run shops, Southwest Florida and North Port showcase a variety of local businesses. By supporting these businesses, the Illuminators ensure the continued prosperity of our communities. So, whether you’re a longtime resident or a first-time visitor, we invite you to check out the businesses listed below and experience the vibrant spirit of “Support Local” in action.

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