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About The Illuminators of SWFL

Tim Watson owner

Tim Watson/Owner

With 25 years of landscaping expertise, Tim Watson, owner of The Illuminators of SWFL, exemplifies dedication. As a Marine Corps veteran, Tim’s connection to Sarasota County spans over 50 years, reinforcing his commitment. His work echoes a profound devotion to preserving the region’s natural beauty.

Through meticulous attention to detail, Tim, transforms landscapes. As a seasoned Marine Corps veteran, Tim’s bond with Sarasota County exceeds 50 years, underlining his dedication. His projects stand as testaments to his unwavering commitment to enhancing the area’s natural allure.

For those seeking to actualize their outdoor dreams, Tim Watson offers expertise and passion. As the proprietor of The Illuminators of SWFL, Tim’s 25 years of experience shine through in every project. Contact Tim today for a complimentary estimate and watch your vision come to life.

Contact Tim for a free estimate and see your outdoor vision realized.

At The Illuminators of SWFL, we illuminate landscapes with passion, merging expertise to create captivating outdoor masterpieces." - Tim Watson, Owner

Josh Lee/Lighting Specialist

Josh, the lighting specialist at The Illuminators of SWFL, is instrumental in project success. Firstly, with tireless dedication, he ensures top-notch completion, earning a reputation as the go-to guy. Furthermore, he meticulously oversees every detail, he guarantees customer satisfaction and seamless execution.

Moreover, Josh has earned a reputation as the go-to guy within the company. Transitioning seamlessly between tasks, he consistently delivers exceptional results. Additionally, his commitment and expertise make him indispensable in achieving success for every project undertaken by The Illuminators of SWFL.

In conclusion, clients can rely on Josh’s meticulous approach and dedication to excellence. His role within The Illuminators of SWFL ensures that projects are completed to the highest standards. Furthermore, with his expertise and unwavering commitment, Josh continues to solidify the company’s reputation for exceptional service and quality work.

"At The Illuminators of SWFL, my passion is turning visions into radiant realities, ensuring every project reflects excellence." - Josh, Lighting Specialist